More Dreams

An Illustrator’s Nightmare.
Last night I dreamt that I was commissioned to do a painting for the new novel by the best-selling author Rowena Cooper Rickshaw. The illustration had to include a portrait of the author, some reference to pirates, and blue. Lots of blue. A sketch was selected, and I duly produced the art which depicted Ms. Rickshaw on a beach, on her hands and knees, puking into the ocean. Then came the party. Everyone was there, the publishers, the editors, the art-directors, even the people that stitch the covers on.
I was exchanging pleasantries with the author herself when the art-assistant began filling my backpack with various novels written by other authors, Gradually, as my backpack got heavier and heavier, it dawned on me that the author had decided on a different direction for the cover design. And a different artist.
Clearly, this was the appropriate moment to slip away, find my clothes, and put them back on. Just as I discovered my socks the dream shifted, and I was dodging automatic gunfire in an urban-guerrilla situation.
It was quite a relief.


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