The Lost Head

64- head#

Arizona gas station attendant, Dave Hepler, got a nasty surprise when he showed up for his shift in the early hours of Sunday November 17th, 1966. Perched at the edge of the blacktop, opposite his gas station was the severed head of a man.

Hepler ascertained that the head had been left there not more than few minutes before he arrived for work, as the there was a cigarette still alight in the victim’s mouth.

Drug cartels were suspected, and within the hour FBI investigators arrived from Phoenix by helicopter.

They determined that the man was a caucasian male in his early forties, probably around 190 pounds in weight, and around six foot tall. The victim had been bludgeoned in the face with immense force before was beheaded, and had he not been beheaded the prior beating would probably have killed him anyway.

The FBI assured Hepler that had he shown up for work only a few minutes earlier he might have been a potentil witness, and might well have suffered a similar fate. The killing had clearly been carried out by a highly professional, and extremely strong hit man.

The dental records arrived back, and they proved, perhaps unsurprisingly that the victim was a dentist. A Chris Casey, married with no children, from Scottsdale.

Scottsdale police went immediately to Casey’s neighborhood to break the bad news to his wife.

Mrs. Casey was asleep when the police arrived. When Mrs. Casey came to the door, the officer in charge noted that she appeared to have been drinking heavily, and was still inebriated. The officer’s suspicions were aroused, and he sent his sergeant to apply for a search warrant for the Casey residence.

The officer asked Mrs. Casey if she had any information regarding the whereabouts of her husband.

On being interviewed Mrs. Casey claimed she had been out celebrating her husband’s birthday the night before in Tuscon. They had, she admitted, driven home whilst extremely inebriated. She had driven, and her husband, feeling nauseous, had opened the passenger window and leaned out to get some fresh air. He then fell asleep and had remained in the car when she went to bed.

On examining the car the police found Casey’s headless body, still in the passenger seat, still leaning partly out of the window.

It transpired that Casey, whilst leaning out of the window, had probably been decapitated by an electricity pylon as Mrs. Casey drove past at high speed.




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