We have five classes left for this semester (our final class is on Dec 12th I think).

We need to to look first at what will be in the final portfolio.

You will have four items, all of which can be uploaded to Blackboard. I will upload a folder titled, Final Portfolio to Blackboard within the next week.

Your final portfolio should comprise the following 4 items:

1: One poem

2: One memoir

3: One work of fiction

4: One dramatic scene (either a comic script or a play script).

All should be revised. The following may affect your grade:

Any tense slippage in memoir or fiction (do one read through JUST for tense slippage, then do a second read through).

Any POV slippage in memoir or fiction. 

Any incorrectly formatted dialogue (this includes awkward dialogue tags and adverbs used to modify dialogue tags).

Be cautious with the word ‘as’ used as a conjunction. If you use ‘as’ as a conjunction make sure that you link simultaneous events.
(“Good bye for ever,” she said as she slammed the door and walked down the stairs–– would be incorrect.)

Overuse of adverbs.

Overuse of the participle (…ing verbs).